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Welcome to Yamadori House

Welcome to Yamadori House. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, Yamadori hmm cool name, but what does it mean… Well, Yamadori is a term used by the Japanese to describe trees collected from the wild. As it is, Yamadori is the origin of Bonsai and if you do not know what Bonsai is, then, by definition: a bonsai is a tree kept small enough to be container-grown while otherwise fostered to have a mature appearance as shown below.


With that said, we realised that the process of collecting and ‘training’ trees and plants that we had been doing was actually an ancient art form referred to as Yamadori. That was it! The name stuck and the business began.

Yamadori House is an e- commerce online store dedicated to urban farmers. Our mission is to demystify the taint that farming is for rural areas and or rural people by bringing it forth as a cool thing to do or own or gift. We stock a variety of products and services to draw in customers at all gardening levels, from the beginner to the enthusiast. We envision a future where live plants are the biggest house and office accessory in Kenya. 

We stock our products and services in the following categories; 

Indoor Plants | Outdoor Plants | Herbs & Spices | Succulents | Bonsai | Accessories | Gardening Services.

As you will see in our store, a majority of our Bonsai is stock are Yamadori and we hope you will join us in this endless plant love life journey.



Check out some of the Bonsai that inspires us-