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Top 6 Plant Care Tips

1.​ ​Choose Plants Based on Light in your Space

Are the plants you love the ones you can have? The​ available light in your space will help you decide. Check the direction your windows are facing; south-facing windows give bright light, east/west-facing windows give moderate light and north-facing windows give low light. Most houseplants prefer bright, indirect sunlight.  Continue reading Top 6 Plant Care Tips

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Welcome to Yamadori House

Welcome to Yamadori House. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, Yamadori hmm cool name, but what does it mean… Well, Yamadori is a term used by the Japanese to describe trees collected from the wild. As it is, Yamadori is the origin of Bonsai and if you do not know what Bonsai is, then, by definition: a bonsai is a tree kept small enough to be container-grown while otherwise fostered to have a mature appearance as shown below. Continue reading Welcome to Yamadori House